Hello world!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 18:52 UTC | Published by John Bergdahl

I will use this blog to document some of the progress of implementing this website itself, as well as some of the apps that I'm developing.

The blog still only has very basic functionality. Like the site itself, the blog will evolve over time. I implemented it using Windows Azure table storage to store the blog posts. The site itself is also hosted in Windows Azure.

For comments, I'm using Disqus. Integrating Disqus with the blog was really simple. It was done in a matter of minutes.

For editing the blog posts (not visible to the public), I chose WYSIHTML5, which is a rich text editor that is based on HTML 5. It's fast and lightweight, and has all the features that I need. It's also very easy to integrate and customize.

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